1. Can you please send me the tracking link for my parcel?
    Our system sends you an automatic tracking mail in the evening of the shipping day. Please notice that sometimes it may be it detected as Spam and watch your spam folder. You can also find all tracking information in your Customer account (login necessary).
  2. My parcel seems to be delayed, what can I do?
    Please consider the normal average shipping time to your country and wait a view days longer, in case the parcel is delayed because of bad weather, delayed Customs or seasonal reasons for high workload at Post or Customs (for example around Christmas).
    If your parcel is delayed by more than one week, please contact us. Of course it is part of our customer service, that we help you in any possible way to receive it soonest! We will order investigation for your parcel at Austrian Post and we will forward their confirmation for investigation to you. Please be aware, that the investigation will take 3-4 weeks, if the parcel is already outside of Austria. So we kindly ask for your patience. We also recommend that you also ask at your local Post office for your parcel with the international tracking number, which you can find when you follow the tracking link. It always starts with CG……………..  Sometimes this is the faster way to find the parcel. We will keep you informed about any news from Austrian Post regarding your parcel investigation. It makes no sense to start an official investigation in your country, because there is an international agreement, that always the originator (=Austrian Post) is responsible for starting the investigation.
  3. My parcel is delayed; can you please send me the Post-invoice for the shipping costs of my parcel, so that I can search for it?
    Sorry, we cannot provide a postal invoice for one parcel, as we only get summarized invoices for all parcels per month from Austrian Post. It also makes no sense to start an official investigation in your country, because there is an international agreement, that always the originator (=Austrian Post) is responsible for starting the investigation. Please contact us; we will start investigation with Austrian Post for you. This is part of our Customer Service.
  4. I live in Russia, how long does shipping to Russia take?
    Shipping to Russia normally takes 2 – 3 weeks, depending on speed of Austrian Post, Customs and Russian Post.
  5. I live in Ukraine, how long does shipping to Ukraine take?
    Shipping to Ukraine normally takes about 2 weeks, depending on speed of Austrian Post, Customs and Post in Ukraine.
  6. I am from Russia / Ukraine. How can I refund VAT 19%?
    VAT will be excluded automatically during the order, as soon as you select “Russian Federation” / “Ukraine” as your country.
  7. I live in Belarus, but I do not find it in the List of Countries. What can I do?
    Please choose “Weißrussland” which is the German Term for Belarus.
  8. Do you send parcels to Russia via Russian Post or via EMS?
    We ship with Austrian and Russian Post.
  9. Should I pay via PayPal or do you accept Credit Card?
    Payment for Customers outside the EU is possible via PayPal. If you have no PayPal Account you can choose PayPal as payment method and then select “payment as guest” on the bottom of the PayPal Login window – so you can use your credit card only, without any PayPal Account. For both ways of payment please notice that the payment fee is 3,4% of the total order value + € 0,35 per order.
    (For example: Order value: € 100,00 – Payment fee: € 3,40 + € 0,35 = € 3,75)
  10. What are the shipping costs to Russia / Ukraine?
    Shipping outside the EU is always € 19,99 per order – no matter how many items your order BUT the maximum order value is  € 1.000,- and only one shipping address per order is possible. Orders bigger than € 1000,- cannot be accepted.
  11. What to do to avoid problems at Customs?
    Please consider your local customs regulations rules (allowed number of similar items, maximum weight of orders, and maximum order value per month ect.). We cannot take over any responsibility or costs for rejected parcels, which return to us due to the disregard of Customs regulations rules during the order.
    Therefore we have to make the following rules:
    Only one shipping address per order can be accepted
    Handling fee for each returned parcel is € 30,00 (for investigation, repacking, boxes, labelling,…)
    € 15,00 per week for warehousing of returned parcel
    € 20,-- Post fee (Post charges this for bringing the parcel back to us)
    € 19,99 for resending
  12. Can you provide KOKUA items that are not shown in your web shop?
    We are sorry to tell you that we will not get any new KOKUA deliveries. We can only offer the KOKUA items that are on stock. We will not offer KOKUA in the future any more. Thanks for your understanding.
  13. Which is the right size for a bicycle for my Child?
    The proper bike size is not only a matter of age, more important is the body height and the leg length of the child. Please refer to this table to find the proper bike-size:

    Age body lgenth (appr.) length inside leg (appr.) max seat height wheel-size in inch
    3 - 4 years 104 cm 44 cm 47 cm 12 - 14 inch
    4 - 5 years 110 cm 48 cm 52 cm 12 - 16 inch
    5 - 6 years 116 cm 51 cm 55 cm 14 - 18 inch
    6 - 7 years 122 cm 55 cm 59 cm 16 - 20 inch
    7 - 8 years 128 cm 59 cm 64 cm 18 - 20 inch
    8 - 9 years 134 cm 62 cm 67 cm 18 - 20 inch
    9 - 10 years 140 cm 66 cm 72 cm 20 - 24 inch
    10 - 11 years 146 cm 69 cm 75 cm 24 inch
    11 - 12 years 152 cm 72 cm 78 cm 24 - 26 inch
    12 - 13 years 158 cm 75 cm 81 cm 24 - 26 inch
    13 - 14 years 164 cm 77 cm 83 cm 26 inch
    14+ years 170 cm 80 cm 86 cm 26 inch

  14. What to do in case of reclamations?
    Problems with our products are very seldom but of course it may happen from time to time, that you need assistance in any question regarding your ordered items. Of course it is our duty to solve any issue as fast and as satisfying for our Customers as possible. If you have any problem with one of our products (damages or missing parts) please contact us immediately to agree the best way to solve this problem. Please do not send any products back to us before we have discussed and agreed the best way to help you. Our Customer Service will assist you immediately!
  15. Can I have a discount?
    As you see in our web-shop, we always offer best prices and we only charge € 19,99 per order. This is very cheap, because delivery costs are always the same for our customers, no matter how many items you order. And delivery outside the EU is much more expensive for us than we charge our customers. So we cannot give further discounts, because then the order would be a loss for us. We kindly ask for your understanding!  (We offer small bulk prices for some items, for example Mini Micro Scooters (4 pcs of the same color have a smaller price per item, as you can see in our web shop))
  16. Is the item “…….” on stock?
    If an item is displayed in our web shop as “lagernd” it means that it is in stock and can be shipped immediately. Please consider that if you take more pieces of the same item the number of ordered items may exceed the number of items on stock. If this happens we will contact and inform you immediately.
    If an item is displayed in our web shop with “versandfertig in … Tagen /Wochen” it means that we do not keep this item on stock but order it from our supplier as soon as we get an order for this item from a customer. This item will be “ready for shipping in … days / weeks” from the day we receive your order.